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Artist Profile - Linda Agresti Hogue


LAHLAHstudioCERAMICS emerged from decades of Linda playing with clay as meditation. I love to explore the structures & textures I find in the Ocean + Beach + Bush environments in my Studio on the lovely Central Coast of NSW Australia. 

One of my favorite meditations is to carve into leather-hard forms created on the potters wheel. The carved areas fill with glaze to create pools in a glassy surface .

Often I alter the symmetrical forms thrown on the wheel to create individuality with texture or illustration or additions to the form.

Some ceramic pieces are abstracted impressions of the textures of leaves or petals or gum nuts or seashells or corals. 

The Fecundity Series of sculptural ceramic pieces are an ongoing study of the Circle of Fertility from flowers to pollinators to seed pods. I am fascinated by the functional forms of flowers & the lure they provide for pollinators & the structure of seeds to enhance opportunities for environmental success.

My Nature's Portrait Series includes impressions of flora to make a precise portrait. In environments of declining biodiversity I like to preserve the unique form of individual leaf & flower specimens.  


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