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I’m an artisan. I offer an online shop to give my supporters access to my ceramics pieces between exhibitions.  I love my supporters to enjoy each piece. Every piece captures part of my story & you are able to hold it in your hands. I love to hear your story too. I especially love to see photos of my pieces in their new homes. I honestly love to connect & chat with collectors to provide the story behind the making & the maker.


Each piece I make takes many hours over many weeks. My hands & eyes engage in a dance of caressing the clay to transform the mud with the magic of alchemy. the balancing of moisture & strength as each piece dries is a dance between time & temperament. The clay holds memories. The transformation into stone cannot be rushed. The making starts with me + my hands + day dreaming + soaking up inspiration from my environment + narrative. My process has many stages dreaming + drawing + selecting clay & temperature + forming structure + contemplating texture + surface + first firing + the magic of glaze chemistry + 2nd firing + photographing & recording the results + preparation for exhibition + online store + careful packing + shipping with trust from my hands to yours.

Let me know the piece arrived safely. You can contact me via email including photos.  No returns No replacements. You can be confident I pack every order with great care. My aim is for you to buy with confidence. I hope you are so delighted that you would become a return customer & you would be confident to send one of my pieces as a special gift. 


I value your Privacy & Safety

I’m protect your personal information.

I use PayPal to verify payment

I protect your data 

I prefer to communicate with you via email after their purchase was completed successfully.

I am testing an online chat feature - give it a try 

I publish a newsletter & email you directly. 


I’m delighted to chat about a wholesale inquiries.

I don't make production repletion pieces. My body is not a machine. I do not compete with factory made high volume ceramics. 

However I am interested in making porcelain lights - that could be fun. 

Let me know if you have a custom fit out or architectural project to explore. 

I also like the idea of making unique porcelain tiles. m

 I love the whiteness & creaminess & strength of porcelain & the possibility of a great colour palate. 

If you are an architect or interior designer looking for a unique piece I would love to collaborate with your team. 

contact via email 


Instagram direct message lahlahstudioceramics 


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Payments by direct deposit 

Payment Methods
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