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Petal Vase

Petal Vase

SKU: 0004

Porcelain bulb vase formed on wheel . Carved base  Celadon glaze.

& cm x 8 cm 


    The Petal Bud vase is a pleasure to hold. the celadon glaze pools into each carved petal. As the vase turns in your hand you will be rewarded by a daily flower carved into the base.

    In the national park near my studio the flanel flower emerges in autum   & delights with a greenish tinge to its petals.  


    Each item is unique & hand made.I photograph carefully however there may be variations in colour & texture. I have a No Return and No Refund policy.I’m happy to discuss this product with you before you make your purchase.Within 3 days of delivery if you have any concerns you can contact Each item is carefully packed in LAH LAH studio before posting so you can buy with confidence..


    You can buy from you with confidence.

    Each item is carefully packed In LAH LAH studio before shipping . 

    It travels with joy from my hands to yours. 

    Gift cards & gift wrapping available 

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